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Health Service Nurses & Care Staff

EastView’s Health Services is led by our Senior Nurse, Julie Taylor, RN CGCP. Our Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Med Techs work together to provide supportive leadership and ongoing skill development for our care delivery teams. Our Nurse team is accessible 24/7, to assist our residents with their health care needs.

The heart, soul, and muscle of our care is delivered round the clock by our Residential Care Assistants (RCAs). They engage as a close-knit family in supporting the care of our community members.

Dining Staff

Our Executive Chef is devoted to securing high-quality ingredients as the foundation for the culinary delights produced in EastView’s kitchen. Our team of veteran cooks brings decades of fine dining and resort experience to our community.

Essential to every professional cook is a team of diligent dishwashers. EastView is blessed with a hard-working group in charge of scrubbing pots, running the dishwasher, and keeping our cooking & serving implements and dining ware clean, sanitized, and amply stocked. Hats off to these heroes of our kitchen.

Our serving team provides quality service to ensure that each resident may fully enjoy his or her dining experience. We employ a mix of experienced wait staff and those early in their work life. Recognizing this, we have an established training/mentor program to introduce new staff not only to serving skills but to the responsibilities of being a dependable and talented employee.

Community Life Team

Independent Living

EastView’s Engagement and Communications Manager has a flair for creating enriching connections. Based on resident input and her own originative approach, our social calendars are full of stimulating opportunities to learn new things, maintain one’s health, explore the region, delight in the arts, celebrate, and volunteer. We welcome the region’s talent and experts to share their specialties with us.   We also provide transportation for off-campus trips to enjoy extensive offerings at Middlebury College, Town Hall Theater, area museums, and shopping and dining adventures.

Residential Care Community Life

Our Community Life team is a fun-loving bunch who tailor activities and programs to the interests and needs of our residents.  Every day our goal is to share joy and friendship as we venture together through the events of the day. We focus on being vital – keeping our minds and bodies fit, well-nourished and hydrated. And we laugh a lot…inventing a new song, doing one more repetition with our weights, beating our previous record for finding the most words in a word.

How many words can you find in Spectacular?

Maintenance Team

EastView’s multi-skilled Maintenance Team keeps our community fine-tuned and provides peace of mind for our residents. If something stops working, our residents know we’ll be there to take care of the issue. Always on call, the team provides prompt, friendly, full-service assistance throughout EastView’s community.  They accomplish a great variety of tasks in the course of their day, from landscaping, lawn mowing, snow plowing, building and appliance repairs to painting, washing windows, and even a little ribbing with the residents… and always with a ready smile.

Housekeeping Team

There’s a trail of “sparkle” delivered by our housekeepers who take pride in keeping each resident’s home beautiful and our community spaces clean, disinfected and welcoming. Personable and thorough, our team delivers weekly housekeeping services to all residents in the Inn; their services are available to cottage residents for an additional charge.


Got a question? Our Concierge is the go-to source for answers or will connect you with someone else on our team who can better assist you. If you’re hoping to learn more about EastView, you’ll want to spend time with our Sales & Marketing Manager, who would love to set up a time for you to visit so that we can get to know you, and you can experience and start to build your own relationship with EastView.

While visiting, our Tech Specialist could highlight technology platforms that enhance the way we engage and operate, our HR team could describe how we invest in our workforce, Finance can assist in describing our different fee structures and our organization’s overall financial standing, and our Executive Director is always eager to assist you in exploring how EastView can support your goals for a secure and fulfilling retirement.

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