EastView offers a variety of activities and programs to keep residents entertained, healthy, socialized, engaged and happy. We provide transportation for off-campus trips to listen to musical performances, enjoy plays and theatre, shopping trips, personal appointments, scenic rides and more. We also bring a lot of fun right here to our residents at EastView including lectures, performances, live music, games, fitness classes, dancing, socials, celebrations, art exhibits, the list goes on!

Our resident services professionals tailor activities and programs to the wants and needs of our residents. Every day our goal is to bring quality of life to those who live here through laughing, learning and love. Resident services also offers transportation to personal appointments and shopping, pet care services, salon treatments and more to help reduce stress and worrisome challenges for our residents. The programs and activities offered are designed to meet the needs of all of our residents; Independent Living, Residential Care & Memory Care, connecting in some way whether spiritually, emotionally or physically.

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