I’m currently reading Yale Professor Nicholas Christakis’s newly released book Apollo’s Arrow, an insightful study of pandemic disease that has been a vitally instructive companion for me amidst our current national surge of the Coronavirus.  He notes, “Plagues reshape our familiar social order, require us to disperse and live apart, wreck economies,…and cause grief.  But plagues also elicit kindness, cooperation, sacrifice, and ingenuity.”  My invitation to you is to replace your own COVID fatigue with the purposeful challenge of integrating these virtues into your daily approach to living in this “moment”.  This time calls us to approach each day with our best selves.  

What might that look like? It could enable us to replace disappointment with creative intervention as happened last weekend at EastView.  The Governor’s recent order banning multi-household gatherings required me to clarify for one couple that a long-planned dinner party with two close friends from town was now restricted.  In seconds, the disappointment of this news was replaced with renewed energy and ingenuity.  “I’ve just figured out what I will do.  I’ll go ahead and cook the entire meal I have been planning, pack half of it up and deliver it to their door, and then head back home and we’ll eat together by Zoom.”  Best selves, creative intervention, fun evening, staying home, staying safe.

Let’s keep encouraging each other by sharing our stories of leading with kindness, cooperation, sacrifice, and ingenuity.  EastView is hosting space on our website homepage to post your inspirations.  Please send your story or ideas for creative intervention to .


Stay vital.