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Independent Living

In our independent living neighborhoods (cottages and apartments) there are two fees. One is the Entry Fee which is similar to a purchase price of a home and is paid by the Occupancy date for the cottage or apartment. Ninety percent (90%) of this fee will be refunded to the resident or resident's estate when the resident no longer occupies the home and another Entry Fee has been received by EastView for this home. EastView is responsible for marketing and reoccupying the cottage or apartment.

The other is the monthly service fee which covers the following services and operating costs:
Cottage Entry Fees for our customized cottages range from $299,500 to $625,000. In 2017, monthly fees range from $1,707 - $2,345. Please contact us for pricing for currently available cottages.

Dining options, housekeeping and other services are available to cottage residents for an additional fee.

In addition to all the services provided above for Cottage residents, the monthly fee for Apartment residents also includes: Independent living Apartment Entry Fees range from $209,500 - $379,000; 2017 monthly fees range from $2,383 - $3,210. Please contact us for pricing for currently available apartments.

Residential Care, Memory Care and Respite

MeadowSweet and GardenSong apartments and studios in our residential care and memory care neighborhoods are available on a rental basis. This monthly fee includes a fee for the apartment or studio and a base Level of Care. We offer four additional Levels of Care that provide support with personal hygiene, medication management, escort service to activities and meals, assistance with mobility aids, and assistance with dressing and grooming for an additional fee, based upon a health assessment consultation with the resident and family, and the resident’s physician.

Comprehensive services with any monthly fee include: Base level residential care monthly fees in MeadowSweet range from $6,175 - $7,561 depending on the size of the apartment; and a studio in GardenSong, our memory care neighborhood is offered a base rate of $6,885. Please contact us for a detailed description of the care and support offered with each additional level of care.

Respite Care & Winter Stays

For anyone desiring temporary residential care and support while recovering from surgery or a significant illness, or who would enjoy some comfortable accommodations during the temporary absence of a primary caregiver, EastView offers short-term (minimum thirty days) Respite Care by providing a fully-furnished studio or apartment and an individualized care plan for the respite period. This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know the extraordinary care offered by our staff for those contemplating a permanent move to at EastView.

For those who may desire the security of a supportive community setting during winter, EastView also offers Winter Stays in our residential care and memory care programs if studios are available. The comprehensive services described above are also part of the respite care package.

Please contact us for more details about a temporary stay at EastView.

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